Saturday, October 1, 2016

Empty Decanter

Beclouded rainy escapades
through drizzly fountains,
a topsy-turvy deluge of oceanic particles,
whetting the appetite for thirsty gazes,
all filled with salty desire
for freshwater deliberations,
instead imbibing shrinking bodies
of liquid lamentations,
then a languid retreat
from shiny mirages of sanctuary,
supplicating nature for even a violent tempest,
so long as the canteens
may once again be filled.

[22:58|01.10.016] ©c.thomas.carter

Friday, September 9, 2016

Crippling the Stellar Waves

Exonerated from further studious enterprises,
heavy sighs release into the ionosphere,
reflecting the longing for a return to surprises;
a reintroduction to morphing Madness' fears.

Eclipsing Sol, Moon-faces begin to smile,
then laugh, while crippling the stellar waves.
Noonday night sets in for a while,
performing a daylight robbery of the hunter's slaves.

An inclination for the obsession expands
through neural pathways well-defined;
A repetitive suiting-up for harsh lands,
Long journeys into far cosmos, profoundly unkind.

[19:11|09.9.016] ©c.thom.carter

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Spritzer of Subconscious Machinations

A twist of the imagination,
spritzer of subconscious machinations,
cubed cold pressed logic,
all drawn in by the needlework.
duplicating molecular personality-flaws  with benefits;
A tried turntable revealing facial recreations;
iris-locked cages for secret affidavits.
Portable identification of the damning evidences,
presented with sealing waxes,
stopping up ears so as much of a hearing isn't taking place.

[19:41|24.2.016] ©c.thom.carter

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Connexions (Rewritten)

Awaken Awaken,
for soon to collapse
and all shall disappear to reappear.
The cold that awaits this night
might be unendurable.
How long to sleep as worms,
unfolding the automaton,
all contained in cranial cells;
giving dreams limited
to half-thoughts,
barely even there;

And watch,
as the world is birthed
through sockets every new morning;
and where light fades,
the soul begins;
cooling points of fire stars,
or gateways to each every 'self'
desperately trying to exist
within the burden,
of the copy wakened too early.

Ahead of now,
standing in existence;
to see in language
those things unseen by the eyes;
populous one-dimensional points,
as single-root-ideas.

It started with a burn of bark,
a blue'ing of the eyes;
forgetting passages of time
as it is paid no heed.

Water falling from both sides,
eyes screaming light,
ever so softly,
and DNA sand dunes'
crystal double helices
pour from many mouths.

The corporeal form begins to decay;
jewels from the ears,
hair to fine strings of brass,
feet as clay
wash away with ocean tides,
and the face remains,
encased in its golden tomb.


And'zo it is unbecome;
revolve into chaos,
as Synethesic Schizophrenia,
a greater gift given
to the planes.

[16:33|23.9.015] c.thom.carter

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Red Moon

Red Moon
Blood and dusty voices
Speak your once twice
Feed them dusty advice
Learn hard infinity lessened
Cheap gesturing eat your messaged

Pixel Paint AI become yours in thread
Vacuum up minded the dead
Red Moon risen fell
Blood and dusty preaching
Fracking cyanide in leeching
Eat your reality pill by reaching

Prosaic Mosaic
Cut your thousand words down

(17:20|10.12.014) ©c.thom

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Parse Syntactic Synthesized

In pixelated atmosphere
I feel a smoke begin to decline
Punctuated parcels of substance fear
Fire bred with murky, dirty whine

Basil-leaf tomato-vine
Parse syntactic synthesized
Sterile seeds grow half-defined
Sprouting heads without a mind

Exterminating lesser things
Under foot and over hand
Robotic serf it thoughtless sings
Bloodied chaos in the sand

I feel a smoke begin to dream
Of form of figure of sonic mass
Length of cheeks a salty stream
A wispy wish to only last

[24:34|28.7.014] ©c.thomas.carter

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Attrition of Loneliness

the attrition of loneliness
boards up sensory output
feeling fingers grasp at cold iron
searching eyes witness singular tragedy
tired mouths form words isolated to ghosts

dreams offer the only beauty
in a gray continuation
so many stars will fall
as the moon gleams with blood's luster
night reigns in darkened principality

listening for listeners
what pictures language paints
a dirty wound, a cut for fear
loveless longing sells cheapened thrill
a dead and barren field